What’s the true spirit of music? We iTune and Spotify the tracks that we like. Download, stream and skip. But I don’t mean the quick and dirty kind…

I was seven when I bought my first CD. (I just missed the vinyl-generation.) But as my little fingers flipped through scores of jewel-case covers, I had no idea what I might find among the catchily named, ultra-vivid artworks of Alice Cooper, Grace Jones or Marvin Gaye.

Stopping at a cover with a simple white background, I was struck by the image of a naked, matte-bronzed woman, sleek hair curled around her body. I bought it and went home. Mum was amazed. “What are you doing with this? You don’t even have a CD player. You’ve never heard of Sade have you?” “Right, but the cover’s so great that it must be good. As for the CD player, it’s nearly my birthday…”

I’ll never forget the moment the first beats of No Ordinary Love began to fill not just my room, but my whole mind and body. I was in another world, floating in zero gravity. Water floated upwards. Fishes flew, birds swam. Flowers moved like butterflies in a place beyond reality.

This is what music can do. Stimulate the senses, help us think outside the box. Trigger new ideas as we thinking beyond. Drift away. Fall in love. Recalling moments, awakening stories. Orpheus, the father of music, calmed waves and wild animals, soothing gods and goddesses with the rhythms of his voice.

Music brings people together. At a place like Amoeba you can see this for real. As recently proved by one of my heroes, Stella McCartney, who set up her stunning runway show surrounded by vinyl and tape.

Orpheus transformed into a constellation. And for me, after experiencing Amoeba’s Hollywood store, I see it as a bright-shining star representing real music. Make sure to stop by when you’re next in the city of Angels. Remember: we can shut our eyes against things we don’t like. But we can’t close our ears. That’s the real power of music.

Thank you Amoeba.
Thank you Stella McCartney.
Thank you Sade.
Thank you for the music.