2009 – I was at a design conference in New York City, writing a speech about ‘creative techniques’.
The phone rang. ‘Joerg! Where are you?’ It was a German TV channel. I told them where I was.
‘Great, can you go to Toronto? We need you to film someone.’
‘Cool. Who?’
‘She’s called Lady Gaga’
‘Supercool!’ (I’d been listening to Poker Face.)
‘Three days.’
Instinct told me: this is life.
I said ‘Who’s writing the script?’
‘You of course!’

Three days later I was in Toronto. And I’d turned up with the idea, developed together with my beloved Buenos Aires-team. It was a little bit outside the box. Experimental.
Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer’s triadic bauhaus ballet. Expressive movements and out-there costumes.
Closing the gap between artist and expression. Nothing too serious. A formal indulgence with a hint of joy.
I’d drawn up the boards, but they hadn’t quite captured it. There’d been some poses I just couldn’t sketch right.
So I’d struck them myself. Catching them on my smartphone in my Columbus Circle hotel room, before heading out from New York. Superhelpful for Gaga, who thrilled me later, replicating the shapes before my lens.

In the end, as well as this classic spot we shot three art installations. Each one focused on repetitive movements.
Yet somehow expressing Gaga’s inimitable, enigmatic style.
Directing Gaga was wonderful. She’s incredibly professional and cooperative.
And as soon as she knows you know exactly what you’re doing, she puts her full trust in creativity.

I salute you, Lady Gaga.