‘Have you ever sipped a mint-infused pear and lemongrass tonic? Or eaten spring vegetable couscous with
al dente fava beans? What about banana and pineapple rose-water gelato, sprinkled with pistachio?
Maybe you should try vegan food too.’

That’s my reply to the incredulous question: ‘What – you’re a vegan? No fish, no cheese and no eggs?
What can you eat then?’ (A big smile lights up my face.) I had always made an effort with my diet.
Green tea every morning. No alcohol. And organic milk after each workout, to try to build up that ‘dream body.’
Then to bed, with a still-empty belly. Rumbling through the night, till morning broke only too soon.
A rush to the airport for a shoot in LA. ‘There’s only beef left’ says the stewardess. Lukewarm, limp, pallid.
Paired with the ghost of some washed-out broccoli.

Thank goodness for my litre-and-a-half of still water. The only way to survive those voyages of bad flavour.
Stepping off the plane, still yearning for something half-decent. Then in 2013 I discovered a book:
Attila Hildmann’s Vegan for Fit. I relished the 30-day challenge, and equipped my kitchen with the not-just-great-for-vegans starter kit. Almond mousse. Agave-syrup. And of course, a good blender.

I changed my nutritional habits. Yet it was incredibly easy to do. And the change I discovered was awesome.
Inside and outside, I’d been completely reborn. There was no question of going back: I wanted to go a stage further.
Diving into superfoods, I embraced acai, goji, morigna. Wheatgrass and chia, to name a few.
Not only did they taste great, what they did for me was wonderful too. I haven’t spent a single day ill ever since.

Great vegan food is now accessible anywhere. It‘s easy to cook. Rich in flavour.
And can be a lot of fun to prepare. It’s a real-life elixir for wellbeing.

Trust me. Go on, give it a try.