Joerg Zuber

You and me. Here. Now. And in this moment.

How long have we travelled to finally meet? And now you are here, rest a while.

Let me tell you a share of my story.

Into my soul
Joerg Zuber Blog

What’s the true spirit of music? We iTune and Spotify the tracks that we like. Download, stream and skip. But I don’t mean the quick and dirty kind... 

Have you ever sipped a mint-infused pear and lemongrass tonic? Or eaten spring vegetable couscous...

2009 – I was at a design conference in New York City, writing a speech about ‘creative techniques’.

Joerg Zuber is...

I’m a citizen of the world. A nomad, a traveller.

Embracing new horizons. Chasing fresh sunsets and racing towards sunrise. Crossing continents and discovering cultures.

Soaking up sights, sounds and textures. Translating my experience into visions of insight and art. Combining, blending, reinventing. Unlocking hidden passageways and walking unknown roads.

Dreaming not of what is, but of what may be.

Lighting the path to perfection.

What Joerg Zuber does

I see, hear, think, create.

Gathering knowledge and giving shape. Penetrating to the core, sensing to the quick. Turning lines, casting arcs.

Looking through the lens, beholding patterns and connections, combinations of light and shade. Imagining. Collaborating.

Loving to work with people truly driven by their craft. Charged with boundless energy, with positivity, enthusiasm.

Transforming bold imagination into otherworldly beauty. A master director of fashion and form.

Opium effect

I founded my creative studio OPIUM 15 years ago. We are seducing with unconventional beauty.

Taking light, colour, sound and motion. Blending deep invocations to the senses. Intoxicating audiences with addictive Design. Animation. Film. Audio. Print.



Above all, I live for beauty. In each moment, in each life.

I believe in the power to grow beyond ourselves. To soar heavenwards in rapture. For inside every stone sleeps an undiscovered crystal: you just need to open your eyes.

I know there are two sides to each story. And that some things – like love — last forever.

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